Short Stories
Ten interwoven stories. Each can be read separately but all emanate from a morning minyan at a synagogue in Brookline, MA. Ten stories, ten major characters. One, Sam Schulman, appears often.
A collection of ten new stories. 2014
Runner-up for National Jewish Book Award in 1998
Short stories, mostly Jewish including those appearing in O.Henry and Best American Stories collections. 1984
Boston businessman Adam Friedman goes a little crazy—or becomes a little holy—after the death of his beloved wife. 2011
A novel about Jewish heritage and criminal evil. 2007
Story of a gentle, liberal professor who has to cope with a man of violence. 1998
Love story of a seventies radical and an older woman. 1979

What Are Friends For?

A novel about a seventies radical who falls in love with an older woman.

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