Short Stories
Ten interwoven stories. Each can be read separately but all emanate from a morning minyan at a synagogue in Brookline, MA. Ten stories, ten major characters. One, Sam Schulman, appears often.
A collection of ten new stories. 2014
Runner-up for National Jewish Book Award in 1998
Short stories, mostly Jewish including those appearing in O.Henry and Best American Stories collections. 1984
Boston businessman Adam Friedman goes a little crazy—or becomes a little holy—after the death of his beloved wife. 2011
A novel about Jewish heritage and criminal evil. 2007
Story of a gentle, liberal professor who has to cope with a man of violence. 1998
Love story of a seventies radical and an older woman. 1979

Kuperman’s Fire

Kuperman’s Fire is partly a novel about criminal evil--the selling of chemical munitions abroad--from a Jewish perspective. It’s 1994. The protagonist, Michael Kuperman, is a very successful software CEO. His chief software designer, overseeing installation of a program for a large chemical corporation, discovers that some group within the corporation is selling chemicals abroad which, when combined, become chemical munitions. The story on which the novel hangs concerns Michael’s uncovering of the scheme. The novel moves toward the exposure of evil. As pressure grows, the Kuperman family has to run, hide their identity to save themselves.

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